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Qualified and Courteous Septic Service in Sparta, New Jersey

Excavator with waste water treatment tank - Septic & Excavation Services in Sparta, NJ

Repairing Sewer and Drain Systems

Complete Septic Tank Services in Sparta, NJ!

NORTH JERSEY Septic, Inc. & Excavating in Sparta, NJ, we offer numerous services to help our customers receive the best possible septic service that they need. Our teams of skilled workers are on the site quickly to resolve your septic problems. Our state of the art electronic equipment detects problem areas in septic, sewer and drain systems which assist us to remedy the problems quickly and efficiently.

Our Septic Services:

  • Complete Excavation and Site Work
  • Electronic Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Power Snaking Cameras Service
  • Disposal Field Service
  • Complete System Replacements
  • Hydrogen Peroxide treatments for disposal area rejuvenation
  • Septic Tank Cleaning Service
  • Septic Tank Installation, Overhaul and Replacement Service
  • Automatic Service Reminders
  • Effluent Pump Replacement
NORTH JERSEY Septic, Inc. & Excavating not only provides quality septic service but also uses a product called Bioforce. Bioforce is a live bacteria product that liquefies solid organic waste, including grease & promotes a proper functioning septic system while eliminating odors.

Your immediate septic service is just a phone call away!